A Message from Greg – Darcy Ward Foundation

A Message from Greg – Darcy Ward Foundation

“There’s been a few of you that have confirmed already for Workout 4 Darcy we are holding this Saturday. If you can spare just an hour of your time to support a well needed foundation and help me make the event a success please do.

For those of you that usually do team training Saturday, please make this an exception to still get a sweat on but with Myself at the lower park from 9am-10am this Saturday to kick start the Motor weekend and support The Darcy Ward Foundation.

For those of you that don’t know, the foundation supports Darcy Ward’s medical care and rehab after he came of a speed way bike last August and was left severely paralysed. His insurance ran out soon after the accident and now it’s all charity funding to keep him getting the care that is required. He’s a good friend to our member Greg Lukowski so I said I would make it happen and put on this event.

It’s just a small donation of £5, if you can donate any more than that then that would be amazing but every £5 donated is going to make a massive difference.

Here’s the link to get your ticket, if you can’t make it you can also donate through this link too you’ll just have to click on buy ticket and then donate.


Please share with your friends and family and help me and Greg make a difference.

Thank you all in advance, it really does mean the world x”