JIMF 2016 – Acts to be Confirmed

Subject to Bailiff’s approval we have secured the White Helmets and Dingle Fingle now for the May bank holiday weekend.
Sat-Mon 2 with shows a day.

At JIMF will be Wall of Death and Alex Merel with his “crazy show”

South Hants Preservation Trust will be coming over with some of their classic vehicles.

Somerset Triumphs visiting us again this year.

Ron “Crunch” Le Cras, President of the British Motorcycle Club of Guernsey sent us the following info – you could pick some info out of:
As we speak we have 14 bikes coming over to your Jersey International Motoring Festival, 10 Bikes on the ferry plus 4 in the back of a van. Types of bike are Ariel, Bsa, Royal Enfield, Velocette, Matchless, Triumph, These machines are from 1939 up to 1972, The riders are mostly over 60, The British Motorcycle Club Guernsey organise a club run on the first Sunday of every month and it is usually well attended about a dozen bikes in the winter months and about twenty bikes in the summer months, We have had trips to Jersey in the past and we have always enjoyed the day trips, sadly for the past two years we have not been able to come over because of the sailing times between the islands, So we are all looking forward to your event and we hope the weather is good. I will be speaking to Carole on Monday morning with the names and reg numbers so that she can book the hotel and condor for us. We have 15 in our party including wives. The driver of the van and his partner are making their own plans but will be with us at the show. This is our intended plan for bikes at the present time. I hope this is useful to you.

Up to 50 Supercars will appear from Belgium.

More news to follow in the next few days