Supplementary Regulations

Evening Kart Event

The Classic and Vintage Motor Racing Club of Jersey (CVMRC) will organise a Clubman’s Permit Kart Race Meeting on Thursday 4th June 2015.

The event will take place on a temporary circuit at Victoria Avenue, St.Helier, Jersey, between the hours of 1900 and 2330.

The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the MSA Motor Sports Association, (Incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), the Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions issued by the CVMRC.

The Track measures 1100 metres, and the surface is sealed.

MSA Permit No:

The event is open to all fully paid up members of the Jersey Kart and Motor Club ,The Guernsey Kart and Motor Club LBG, The Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club, Guernsey Motorcycle and Car Club, Classic and Vintage Motor Racing Club of Jersey and ABkC Members. JMC & LCC Members will be required to supply a marshal for the event.

All competitors must produce a valid Competition Licence and Club Membership Card when signing on. Where applicable, a valid PG Licence must also be produced when signing on.

This event is not part of any championship.

If the Race Meeting is terminated for whatever reason, prior to the completion of all races, kart heat points will be added up to give a final standing for any awards that may be offered.

The programme times will be –
Signing on – 15.00 to 17.00
Scrutineering 15.00 to 17.30
Drivers briefing 30 minutes before the scheduled start.
Pre-race practice commences at the scheduled start time.

There will be a maximum of 2 heats followed by a final per Class (numbers of laps and heats may change subject to time restrictions)
The heats and finals will be run for a specific time plus 1 lap, this time will be notified to competitors in the final instructions.Each competitor must take part in a compulsory 2 Lap (minimum) practice before taking part in any heat or final.

The event is open to MSA/ABkC classes described in these Supplementary Regulations (where grids and time allow).

Trophies may be awarded.

Points –

Heats – 1st=20, 2nd=16, 3rd=13, 4th=11, 5th=10, 6th=9, 7th=8, 8th=7, 9th=6, 10th=5, 11th=4, 12th=3, 13th=2, 14th=1.

All karts that complete at least 50% of the race will be classified as a finisher and awarded points on a roll back of laps basis, all karts that take the start will be awarded 1 point.

Points for the final round will double heat points.

In the event of two or more drivers finishing on equal points, the winner will be determined on the most number of wins and placing’s. If there is still a tie after this, then the Drivers will be declared joint winners. The above method will also be used to determine lower place awards if necessary.

The minimum entry for the meeting is 30. The maximum for each race is 16, the minimum is 3. Should any of the above figures not be reached, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the meeting or amalgamate races or classes if necessary.

The entry fee is £55 Senior and £35.00 Junior and Cadet. Late entries will be charged an additional £10.00 penalty.

Entries will not be accepted on the day.

Entry fees may be refunded as follows;
On the production of a Doctors Certificate
In the event of cancellation 50% of entry fee

Entries open upon publication of the Supplementary Regulations and close on 14th May 2015. Late entries may be accepted at the organiser’s discretion. No Entries will be accepted after the 21st May 2015. Entries must be made on the official entry form accompanied by the appropriate fee. Alternatively entries may be submitted online at, payment for online entries must be submitted by cheque to the address below by the closing date. Entries submitted without the correct entry fee shall be null and void.

Entries to be sent to Cathy Elliott, 71 Clos des Charmes, Rue de L’Eglise, St Peter, Jersey, JE3 7JU. All acknowledgements and final instructions will be sent by email, please provide an email address for this on the entry form.

MSA Steward TBA
Club Stewards TBA
Clerk of the Course Terry Gorvel
Scrutineer Claude Ford, Gordon Snell
Lap Scorers TBA
Secretary Maria Reddy
Pit controllers Tara & Neil Harvey
Chief Marshal Alan Crook
Chief Medical TBA

All protests must be logged in accordance with the relevant sections of the current MSA Year book.
Starting positions will be determined by ballot for the first heat. The second and third heats will be by rotation. Novice Drivers must occupy the rear most grid positions in the heats only. The grid positions for the final will be by the greatest number of points gained from the heats for all competitors including novice drivers. Timing and lap recording will manually recorded.
Marking and penalties will be printed in the appropriate section of the MSA General Regulations except as modified below;
If during the course of a meeting a competitor is found to be in breach of noise regulations, he/she may be given a back grid position for his/her next race. Continual abuse may result in exclusion.
All officials and incident marshals including Cadet/Junior incident marshals are only allowed on circuit provided they are signed on and are wearing fluorescent safety bib/jacket (Fluorescent Yellow clothing is not permitted). They shall be positioned around the circuit and in accordance with the race officials. There must be an incident marshal available on the circuit for each cadet competitor.

Classes will comprise of the following;

Cadet (Comer Honda IAME) As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
Formula RotaX Minimax As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
Formula Rotax Junior Max As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
X30 As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
Rotax Senior Max As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
KF1/KF2 As per regulations released by the ABkC Tyres Dry; VEGA XM. Tyres Wet; Vega W5 or Dunlop KT11
Formula 125 open As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
Formula 125 ICC(UK)KZ2/125 Super ICC/KZ1 As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
250 Gearbox As per MSA 2015 Kart Race Year Book
All Classes All Chassis and Engines must comply with the MSA/ABkC regulations for their class subject to the above.

With the exception of the pit area, officials only will be allowed in non-spectator areas, other than one person per junior and cadet

After receiving end of race or practice signal, karts will maintain station and proceed at a reduced speed to the pits and slowly enter the marked off area.

Competitors who are currently disqualified from driving/riding on the public highway will not be able to participate in this event.


Incentive & Conference Specialists (C.I.) Limited
Parish of St Helier
Parish of St Helier Honorary Police
Residents of St Helier
4 Hire
Derek Warwick Honda
Grand Hotel
Transport & Technical Services Department
Normandy Rescue
Jason Maindonald SOJWDC
States of Jersey Waterfront Development Company
Jersey Electricity
Economic Development Committee
JMC&LCC MSA Timekeepers
The Silverstone Marshals