Touring Event Programme

Friday 31st May / Cost per person @ £55.00

Mid morning arrival at Hamptonne Country Life Museum you will be met by the Goodwyf who will have all the gossip of the farmyard as well as some of the history of the farm. Depart late morning drive through the lanes to arrive at the Greenhills hotel for lunch. After lunch depart for a scenic drive of your choice to arrive at the private gardens for tour followed by a cream tea in the garden. Leaving in plenty of time to join the festivities along Victoria Avenue.

Hamptonne Country Life Musuem

Explore the orchard and learn about bygone crafts and quirky traditions. Meet with the resident Goodwyf and the Steward. Find out more about our history of cider making and Jersey apples. The houses are named after the families who have lived at Hamptonne, the Syvret Building, Hamptonne House and the Langlois Building – which boasts some of the oldest architectural features in the Island. At the instigation of the late Joan Stevens, the Island’s three main heritage organisations joined forces to save this unique farm complex and create the Island’s first country life museum. With the assistance of the States of Jersey the Trust acquired Hamptonne, which was then restored and refurbished by the Societe Jersiaise. The Jersey Heritage Trust completed the interpretation of 400 years of rural history.

Private Garden

This garden was first begun in 1970 by the mother of the present owner, who have since extended and enlarged the garden in recent years. In front of the traditional Jersey farmhouse is the Italianate garden set around and above a sunken rectangular lawn, the boarders here are a riot of unusual and familiar perennials and shrubs. Nearby are the miniature formal herb gardens, the Mediterranean garden and the ornamental kitchen garden. The valley stretching down below the house is planted with specimen trees, including magnolia, cornus, eucalyptus and many species of fir. The woods hold a collection of large camellias, which flower continuously from November to July. Fifty camellias from the Trehane’s nursery were planted within the valley.

Saturday 1st June / Cost per person @ £52.00

Mid morning, you will make your way to the the departure location for “The Island Treasure Hunt“ once everyone is assembled you will given a full briefing for the day ahead…………..

The challenge…

…is to visit many of Jersey’s attractions (all easily accessible by motor car) and at each one, answer a simple question about the attraction itself and a general knowledge question related to the location. Each attraction/location will be identified by cryptic clues and it will be the task of the participants to plan the most effective route around the Island to visit as many of the attractions/locations in the time allowed.
At the final point a well deserved beer or glass of wine will be served and a prize will be awared to the winning car.

This event is not a race or rally and can be comfortably completed (including the lunch stop) within the time allowed without breaking any of Jersey’s diverse speed limits!

How this Challenge will be met…
Each participant will be provided with:

A set of cryptic clues to find the attractions/locations
A current guide to the Island of Jersey

What help will be given…

maps and all appropriate materials
full instructions on how to present the results

How this will be judged…

The winner will be the motorist(s) who answer the most questions accurately and within the time frame for the event. With a prize being awarded to the winning car.

Sunday 2nd June / Cost per person @ £57.00

After breakfast drive to the most north-westerly point of the island to visit the Batterie Molke which is being specially opened by the Channel Occupation Society for your visit. Enjoy a pub lunch before driving to the south coast to arrive at 1530 to meet up with your guide for a walk to the oyster beds. Stroll through the biggest oyster beds in the British Isles and hear about the modern cultivation of shellfish in Jersey as well as the fascinating history of the oyster fishery, which in the 19th century was a major industry. This exciting shellfish exploration is followed by a tasting of fresh Jersey Oysters at Seymour Inn.

Oyster Tour & Tasting
Enjoy a walk among the oyster and mussel beds in the Royal Bay of Grouville, followed by the opportunity to sample fresh Jersey Oysters at Seymour Inn. Hear about the modern cultivation of shellfish in Jersey – the biggest oyster beds in the British Isles – and the fascinating history of the oyster fishery, which in the 19th century was a major industry. Expect to get your feet wet!

Batterie Moltke

Comprising four 15.5cm K418(f) gun emplacements and an associated underground complex was named in honour of Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke, who was Chief of the German General Staff from 1906 to 1914. One of the gun emplacements has been totally restored, along with extensive underground passages that link up to a Kriegsmarine M151 personnel shelter that accommodated 27 men. This bunker, with a ceiling two metres thick, was built to “Fortress” standards. It is fully equipped with original ventilation equipment, boiler, bunks, and central heating. On permanent display outside is a 15.5cm K418(f) heavy French First World War field gun, that has been restored and put back in its original emplacement, having been recovered from the bottom of the cliffs at Les Landes by the Occupation Society in 1991. All of Jersey’s 29 heavy coastal artillery guns were dumped over the cliffs in a massive clean-up operation ordered by the States of Jersey after the Liberation whose demand was: “We want this island cleansed of the taint of German Occupation”. The job was entrusted to Major Sargent, of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC), who dumped the guns over the cliffs in February/March, 1946. Four M512 ammunition bunkers were also built to serve the gun, three of which are now used for display purposes. The complex has been subject to an ongoing restoration project that commenced in 1979.

Costs include:

Entrance to Hamptonne County Life Museum
Two course lunch with coffee
Entrance to private garden with afternoon tea
Full representation throughout the day

Presentation of “Treasure Hunt”
Premier Packed Lunch
Prize for winning car
Refreshment at the end during prize giving
Full representation

Entrance & private tour of the Battery Moltke
Two course lunch with coffee
Oyster tour and tasting (wellington boots available if required)
Full representation throughout the day

The organisers reserve the right to change the itinerary at any time, but the content will always have the same or similar value.

The minimum number of cars per tour will be 10 if this amount is not met the days event will be cancelled and a full refund will be given.

For further information or to make a booking please e-mail or complete and return the JIMF Touring Form


JIMF thank all of our sponsors who help keep this amazing event going.