“A visit to the wall of death – a memory that’s lives as long as your memory lives.”

Messhams Wall of Death presents and operates Europe’s oldest motorcycle sport show.

For over 80 years the Messham family now in its fourth generation, have established and upheld an international reputation for excellence of performance and presentation of this unique and thrilling entertainment The Wall of Death.

“The smallest and steepest race track in the world.”
Say Junior, Jake and Nathan Messham. On their website Messhams Wall of Death you will find information on the latest tricks and thrills performed by the Messham brothers. The website also contains information about the machines used by the team – predominantly original 1920’s Indian Scouts, and an insight into the family history and the riders they trained and presented in their shows with images and videos from the Messhams family archive

“A mile a minute and a thrill a second”

Ticket information for The Wall of Death will be available soon.