Jersey International Motoring Festival 2015 – DRAFT
Westmount Hillclimb
6th June 2015

The Classic and Vintage Motor Racing Club of Jersey Limited, herein referred to as the Organisers, will promote a National B Hillclimb on 6th June @ Westmount, Jersey.

The meetings will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association Limited,

(incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations, the Final Instructions for the event, and any written instructions that the organisers may issue for the event.

Roads closed for the running of this event are closed in accordance with the provisions of an order made under the Road Racing (Jersey) Law 1946, as amended.

MSA permit number :
MSA Track Licence :

The event will be open to all fully elected members of the Organising Club, The Jersey Old Motor
Club, 750 Motor Club Ltd, Aston Martin Owners Club, Austin Healey Club Ltd, Bentley Drivers club
Ltd, Bugatti Owner’s Club Ltd, Historic Sports Car Club, Jaguar Drivers’ Club, Jersey Motor Cycle and
Light Car Club, Lagonda Club Ltd, Morgan Sports Car Club Ltd, Vintage Sports Car Club Ltd, Veteran
Car Club of Great Britain, Guernsey Motorcycle and Light Car Club, The Guernsey Old Motor Club, Porsche Owners Club (of Great Britain), MGCC, Ferrari Owners Club, Triumph TR Register, Midland Auto Club, Woolbridge MC & MG Car Club. JMC & LCC members will be required to supply a marshal for the event.

The Event is open to three or four wheel vehicles including replica cars, manufactured before 31st December 1978. Any replica remaining within the allowed period but built after 31/12/1978 will be allowed at the organiser’s discretion.

Other vehicles may be accepted in this age group at the discretion of the organisers, provided they remain within the spirit of the event.

All competitors and drivers should be in possession of a valid National ‘B’ or National ‘A’ MSA competition licence.

Any driver competing in a racing or sports libre car manufactured after 1960 of more than 2000cc (or 1428cc if forced induction) must hold a speed national A Open or Race National A licence unless the car is currently registered for use on the public highway and competes in the event in a road legal condition.

All competitors must produce their licence and a valid club membership card for this event at signing on.

Competitors are asked to read the current Motor Sport Association year book to acquaint themselves with the requirements for the production of Entrant’s Licences and advertising. All licences will be inspected at signing-on. Please ensure a photograph is attached and the licence has been signed before being presented at signing-on.

Event Format
The programme of the meeting will be notified in the final instructions but it is envisaged :-

Signing on Friday 5th June @ 15.00 to 17.00
Technical control Friday 5th June @ 15.00 – 17.30
Event start Saturday 6th June @ 10.00

Signing on instructions will be notified in the final instructions.

The length of the course is 637 metres (0.3 miles) on closed public highway, and consists of two straights, one left hander, one long left and one hairpin and rises approx. 1 in 14.


The event will consist of classes as follows:-

DOM 31/12/1940 
A Vintage up to 1500cc
B Vintage 1501cc to 2500cc
C Vintage 2501cc to 5000cc
D Vintage over 5001cc

DOM 31/12/1960
E PVT up to 1500cc
F PVT 1501cc to 2500cc
G PVT 2501cc to 5000cc
H PVT over 5001cc
I Single Seaters DOM up to 31/12/1940
J Racing Cars up to 1500cc DOM up to 31/12/1960
K Racing Cars up to 2100cc DOM up to 31/12/1978
K1 Supersport DOM up to 31/12/1978
IC 1 & 2 Westfield/Caterham invitation class

Vehicles from L – Z1 – DOM up to 31/12/1978

L Sports Cars up to 1500cc
M Sports Cars 1501cc to 2000cc
N Sports Cars 2001cc to 3000cc
O Sports Cars 3001cc
P Modified Sports Cars up to 1500cc
Q Modified Sports Cars 1501cc to 2000cc
R Modified Sports Cars 2001cc to 3000cc
S Modified Sports Cars 3001cc
T Saloon Cars up to 1500cc
U Saloon Cars 1501cc to 2000cc
V Saloon Cars 2001cc to 3000cc
W Saloon Cars over 3001cc
X Modified Saloon Cars up to 1500cc
Y Modified Saloon Cars 1501cc to 2000cc
Z Modified Saloon Cars 2001cc to 3000cc
Z1 Modified Saloon Cars over 3001cc
AH E/A/B – Austin Healey Championship

There will be Invitation Classes IC1 & IC2 for (Westfield/Caterham) vehicles with period specification engines and transmission only, slick tyres and motorcycle engines are not permitted.

Class AH E/A/B is an invitation class of vehicles that are competing within the Healey Championship and the organisers have allowed vehicles in these classes to comply with championship tyre regulations (no slick tyres) and general regulations for this championship.

The organisers have the right to amalgamate any class which has less than 3 entries.

All vehicles must comply with the current MSA technical regulations and with any special conditions and requirements as notified in the ASR’s.

Tyres/ Wheels
Slick tyres are prohibited.

Tyres are free within the following parameters :-

Dunlop competition tyres of a type up to and including M series, Englebert competition tyres. any E marked road going tyre or tyre listed in the current MSA year book L List 1A, or 1B provided that they are E marked. Any vehicle using tyres in List 1B will be entered into a modified class.

Drivers who present their vehicles with different tyres to the above must inform the scrutineer and may be asked to join a modified class and will be reported to the Clerk of the Course.

Post 1945 vehicles must run on treaded tyres, which may be road tyres complying with the Motor Vehicles Construction and Use Regulations, or racing tyres as long as the latter has a tread pattern which does not allow uncut areas of the tread surface to exceed 25mm in any direction between the grooves, which themselves must have a minimum width of 3mm.

To be eligible for classes I J & K, vehicles of monocoque construction and those with rear wings will be allowed, provided that they were standard on the car at the appropriate date. Wheel rim width may be increased by no more than 25mm.

Only the original manufacturers wheel sizes will be permitted with a tolerance of 25mm, up to a maximum rim width of six inches. Cars which have an original wheel rim width size in excess of six inches, will be permitted but may be asked to run in a modified class.

As a general rule no pre-war car may run on a rim width wider than five inches.

All standard classes :- only the original brakes fitted to the car in series production form or as homologated by the manufacturer up to 31/12/1980 will be permitted. The brakes may not be modified in any way, but ducting and scoops will be allowed. Any other modification will make the vehicle modified and will be moved to a relevant class.

All vehicles are required to comply with the MSA Technical Regulations with regards to sprint and hillclimbs and with any requirements that have been laid down in the ASR’s.

All vehicles must be equipped with a positive method of throttle closure by means of external springs so that in the event of a failure the throttles are sprung closed.

If a vehicle has period modifications which cannot be defined easily in the regulations, it is the owner / driver who must satisfy the organisers that these modifications were approved and allowed to compete prior to 1980. All modifications must remain within the “spirit on the event”.

Electronic ignition and forced induction will be allowed, however, it must remain within a period modification and within the “spirit of the event”.

MSA Log books will be required for any vehicle which is not used as a road registered vehicle or is not in a road legal condition.

Competitors will be identified by numbers which must confirm to the MSA Yearbook and will not be supplied by the organisers.

All other regulations of the MSA apply as written, except for the following which are modified :-

No driver may drive more than one car in any class, and more than two cars in the whole competition. No car may be driven by more than two competitors. Double entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers.

No awards will be presented, however, class records will be recorded.

Entries will open on publication of these regulations and will close on 14th May 2015, entries must be submitted on the official entry form and sent to Mrs C Elliott, 71 Clos des Charmes, Rue de L’Eglise, St Peter, JE3 7JU. Alternatively entries may be submitted online at, payment for online entries must be submitted by cheque to the above address by the closing date. Entries submitted without the correct entry fee shall be null and void.

33% of the entry fee shall be retained if cancellation of entry is received up to 10 days prior to the event, and 75% of the entry fee shall be retained if the cancellation of entry is received on the day of the event.
Late entries may be accepted at the organiser’s discretion. No entries will be accepted after 21st May 2015.
There will be a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 100, if the number of entries exceed the maximum, selection shall be at the organisers discretion.
A parental/legal guardian agreement must be completed for this event for all competitors under 18 years of age.
Double and shared entries will only be permitted at the discretion of the organisers.
Competitors are reminded that the information submitted is stored on a computer database and may be retrieved for future events.

Entry Fee
Sprint £80
One Hillclimb £100
All events £250
Late entry fee £40
All cheques should be made payable to CVMRC.

Clerk of the course One of Ron Allen, Cathy Elliott MSA Steward TBA
Club Stewards TBA Safety Officer TBA
Deputy Clerk Brian Hamilton Event Secretary Sue Hamilton
Rescue Normandy Rescue Chief Marshal Alan Crook
Chief Scrutineer TBA
Chief Timekeeper Mike Fleming, Ben Le Lay

Will be published in accordance with the MSA Handbook.

As per MSA Handbook.

Vehicles will start from a standing start and a timing strut in accordance with the MSA Handbook. Timing starts when the strut cuts a beam at the start and will end when the strut cuts the beam at the finish. Should the timing equipment fail, start will be by green flag.

The finish line will be marked either side of the road by two boards bearing chequered flags.
Competitors are requested to shut down the power after these boards, there will be count down boards and upon reaching the “1”, competitors will be expected to be going no faster than 10mph.

Competitors will start individually, the starting signal will be with lights and the electronic beam will be cut with a timing strut or front wheel, to activate and deactivate the timing clocks, which is Wasco DT20 Grade E.

Competitors will have two practice runs followed by official runs, they will also have the opportunity to walk the course prior to the start.

The organisers reserve the right to postpone or abandon the meeting for whatever reason. In the event of abandonment or postponement, entry fees shall be returned as follows :- Up to 50% of the entry fee may be retained for event administration costs if the event does not start. Once the meeting has commenced all monies will be retained.

Flag signals
If a red flag is displayed a competing vehicle must stop and await further instructions.

The club undertakes to insure each competitor, indemnify him against third party claims made arising out of the races or official practice, excluding claims by other competitors, entrant, spouse or mechanic. The CVMRC and or its agents will not be held liable for any damage caused to any vehicles that are required to be removed from the track during the event.

The interpretation of these regulations will rest entirely with the stewards of the meeting, subject to the provisions of the MSA yearbook.

Should you wish to travel to the Island for our event please contact:-
Our local travel partner – Incentive & Conference Specialists (C.I.) Co Limited, The office, Coobowie, La Grande Route de La Cote, St. Clement. Jersey, JE2 6SE, Tel: + 44 (0) 1534 877727 E-MAIL:
Or our UK travel partner – Scenic & Continental car Tours, Tel : 01732 879153,

There are a number of joint social events planned for the weekend, a booking form will be sent with acknowledgement of your entry should you wish to purchase event tickets.

Incentive & Conference Specialists (C.I.) Limited
Parish of St Helier
St Helier Honorary Police
Residents of St Helier
4 Hire
Derek Warwick Honda
Grand Hotel
Transport & Technical Services Department
Normandy Rescue
Jason Maindonald SOJWDC
States of Jersey Waterfront Development Company
Jersey Electricity
Economic Development Committee
JMC&LCC MSA Timekeepers
The Silverstone Marshalls

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